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             MEET NEENA 

Hello! My name is Neena and I am the Lead Planner and Owner of Flashy and Classy Event Co. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn more about us and I hope to work with you in time! A little about me, I have always been big into organization and planning. I also like the idea of being spontaneous, but for most occasions you could catch me with an agenda or planner in hand! I first got my start in the wedding industry as being an officiant. What first started out as a hobby ended up turning into an absolute passion. When I was presented with the opportunity of planning my first wedding, I was completely ecstatic and to see the final results couldn't have brought me more delight than ever. Being in this industry, has been a such a rewarding experience. Having the opportunity to get to work with different couples from all walks of life has been life changing. Each client has had the same end goal which has been, having a vision that they want to see come to life on their special day. That is when and where I come in. I make a vow to each client that I have the opportunity to work with, that I will be there with you each step of the way.  When I take on the role as your planner or officiant! I dedicate myself to making your dream become a reality for all of your event planning needs. 

Benefits of Having me as your Coordinator 


  • You will not only have a certified Wedding Coordinator, but an Event Coordinator as well. Therefore, any event I can help you tackle. I have specialized training at any curve that may be thrown our way.  All while most importantly helping you navigate ways to stay within your budget.

  •  On the day of event we provide enough staff to cover all your service needs, where you will only have the job to focus on the special day itself. 

  • By being a certified wedding planner, I have been rewarded with having discounted rates at certain venues and with vendors inside and outside of our company. I also receive continuing education through my bridal certification that allows me to stay up to date with the latest and newest wedding trends.

  • Lastly, which is my all time honor of this business is the aspect of being a One Stop Shop. Not only will I cover your event coordination, but any other vendor services you are in need of  we have services within our company that offers them. Whether you need a makeup artist or bartender we have a specialist just for you! 

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