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  • Is there a consultation fee?
    Yes, as of April 1st, 2022 we incorporated a $10 consultation fee. This was the hardest decision we had to come to, but to be completely transparent with our clients and potential clients we will provide the reasoning to that decision. Our company advertises on multiple wedding registry’s, social media advertisements, as well as local advertisements. Therefore, we receive several inquiries for services. We work very diligently to provide all of our prospecting clients with a fast turnover in quotes with hopes on getting started right away to helping you achieve your goals for your events. However, the downside that we experienced was we also received several inquiry calls that over exerted our time to deliver quotes, just to have the prospecting client to end communication as a whole with no reasoning to us at the end. We want to stress to our clients that time especially in the coordination and planning industry is extremely crucial. Every minute counts! The time that we take to enrich your decision to trust in us and even help provide ideas for you, is also a time range we have to set aside or take away from a client who already gave us their trust and business. Therefore, when we don’t receive any communication back truly is disheartening, because of the time and service invested in that consultation. Our consultations are very thorough, in depth, and we provide an adequate time until you expressed your whole vision. Some of our consultations we even have to reach out to our collaborating vendors for input as well. We then are taking time from them also, which pulls time from their customers. It becomes a vicious cycle at the end if it’s unsuccessful. We respect your time and value you having interest in us and we mutually ask for that same respect. We also have incorporated that if you decide to book services with us the consultation fee will go towards your security deposit of services.
  • Do you offer an hourly rate?
    Currently, there is no hourly rate for event coordination services. All coordination and planning packages the rate is calculated into your choosen plan.
  • What if I was a referral, what do I do next?
    If you were a referral to us from one of our collaborating vendors within our company or partner event planning services. Please send us an email to or give us a call first and we will go over with you the next steps for your consultation.
  • Do you have assistance at events or is there one person per event?
    If there is an event or ceremony that has up to 50 guests there is usually one planner/coordinator to work the event. However, based on the type of event and the labor required one of our amazing assistants or coordinators may assist working the event. Over 50 guests and up to 100 guests there are two planners/coordinators or an assistant. Any event that has over 100 guests will have three staff members working the event.
  • What does the Co. stand for at the end of your name?
    The Co. is honestly the most important part of our name. The Co. represents Company. We are a company. However, we are not like your average company. Our company, is able to to extend services to you by having a strong and successful collaboration with other top in their category local area independent contractors that can deliver you extraordinary details to your events. Our company is a supporting team, that comes together as one to help us be able to produce such incredible results. As we have to all of our wonderful clients who have trusted in us to turn their dreams they presented us in the beginning into a reality. Without our amazing contractors there would be no company or Flashy and Classy Event Co. !
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes, for certain months and special occasions we do run promotional specials. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for updates!
  • Is there a travel fee?
    Yes, we do have a $75 travel fee for any event that is 50 miles and over from the 32829 zip code of Orlando.
  • Are your consultations over the phone?
    Yes, we can provide a consultation to you over the phone or through Zoom if you prefer.
  • What happens if I booked a consultation but have to cancel or reschedule will I have to pay another consultation fee?
    If you booked a consultation appointment and have to reschedule the appointment you will not be charged an additional consultation fee. Your consultation fee will be transferred to the new scheduled appointment. However, if you canceled your appointment with no means to reschedule then the consultation fee is nonrefundable.
  • Do you offer day of coordination?
    Yes! We do offer day of coordination. However, in order to have this service we require to have had a consultation with you 3 months prior to day of event. We will also need to have been in communication with you for a duration of 30 days prior to event.
  • What sets you apart from the other wedding planners?
    This is probably the number one question asked during a consultation or networking meet and greets, and our answer never changes. That’s the thing ,we are not just wedding planners! Our team cannot stress that enough to our clients. Although, we specialize in weddings and have dominated that category. We do not only service weddings, ANY event that needs coordination or planning services we can cover. At Flashy and Classy Event Co. when we provide you with a planner our planner is a certified Wedding Coordinator and Event Coordinator (yes there is a difference) but the advantage to you is you get a coordinator full of expertise for an affordable price, you get the best of both worlds!
  • How do you know when you're ready for a consultation?
    The first part of this answer is if you have been inquiring about planners and coordinaters, and it has been something on your mind and you managed to come to our page and like our work then it sounds like you're ready for a consultation. On our website we provide a price range of all our services, a portfolio of our past work that can also be found on our social media is present, along with information and the history of our lead planner. We also have an info email listed on our website, specifically for any questions or concerns prior to your consultation along with a contact form on our website if you prefer for us to message you. Therefore, when you decide to book a consultation we hope you have already set your mind on us to move forward with your decision and the full consultation process begins.
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