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Exquisite Flashy and Classy Package 
Full Planning

This package is targeted for couples who have recently got engaged and now feel somewhat lost on what to do next. With this package we usually work with the client from 12-18 months up until the day of the event. Guiding you step by step and providing assistance, to prepare you for the special day that we spent a whole year bonding with you making sure everything is all set and ready to go! 

Package starts at $4,600

Full Package Image

Fancy Flashy and Classy Package
Partial Planning

Already been engaged for awhile and still trying to tie up some loose ends? Think you may need a little more assistance halfway through? This package may be for you! With this package we usually work with clients from 6-7 months up until the day of the event. Arrangements can sometimes feel tricky at this point and that is why we're here to help you feel nothing but confident. 

  Packages starting at $2,350

Special Day Image

Decor Flashy and Classy Package
Day of Coordination 

So you’ve been engaged for awhile?  Throughout the engagement, you took care of all the back work yourself and everything is set for wedding day.  There seems to be just one thing that's missing. You're not too sure how everything else will fall in place on your special day.  This package we typically work with clients from 1-3 months up until the day of event. With this package we secure your worries for you to look fabulous on your special day!

Packages starting at $1,500


Private Parties

Private Events

Looking to host a party we have you covered! We assist in planning and coordinating all types of different private and public events! Take a look to see some of the events we work with. 

Packages starting at $600-$750


Ordained Ministry Services 
by Neena

Looking for someone to lead your wedding by joining you and your future spouse hand in hand? Our lead planner Neena has you covered! Neena first started out in the wedding industry officiating weddings and is still very active in her ordained ministry duties. Take a look to see some of the ministry services she can lead with!

Packages starting at $199

Event Image

Birthday Parties 

Growing another year older and looking for some fun time to celebrate it? We have you covered to give you the glamorous party you can dream of! 

Packages starting at $850


Corporate Events
Conference Image


Is your company or business having an upcoming conference or convention? Have multiple vendors or occupants that will be participating? Have an idea for the event but don't know where to start to execute the project? In this package we help you organize all your thoughts and bring it together as one. 

Party Tent Image

Corporate Parties

Corporate parties can always bring on an extra amount of stress. From arranging all the vendors that will be participating to having a substantial headcount to book the venue. All while hosting an event that lives up to your company's values. Allow us to take that extra work off your hands and get your company the event they could dream of. 

Fun Day Image

Employee Events

Planning your company or business employee event? Need some ideas or help with coordination or arrangements? Flashy and Classy here to help! We enjoy company events and will help make your company's get together one to remember!

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