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It looks like you've been engaged for a few months now. You're trying to settle into the idea that your life will be adjusting to a new change within a few months. You may be slightly overwhelmed also because its just so much for one person to handle and let's not forget a wedding isn't something that is planned or coordinated on a daily basis! Now you may find yourself stuck at the point of what I should do now? What is next? What do I have left? Well to answer some of those questions it looks like you may need a helping hand. If you're halfway to your wedding day and feel a little stuck we're right here for you. This package seems like it would be just for you. 

What does this package include? 

This package includes all of the same benefits as the month of coordination/day of coordination package. 

Additional benefits include: 

  • Attend and provide guidance during meetings with vendors throughout the preparation months. 

  • Review vendor contracts and assist managing with collaborating vendors. 

  • Assist with finalizing, scheduling, and booking all participating vendors.

  • Create a checklist between month begin working with up until day of coordination of work needing to be completed.

  • Coordinate and lead rehearsal dinner and ceremony if couple agrees on having a rehearsal.

  • Review budget and if needed apply our strategizing cost effective techniques. 

  • Finalize details for menus, flower arrangements, and toasts/readings. 

  • Continue working closely with collaborating vendors and venues. 

Fancy Flashy and Classy Package 
Partial Planning

Let's Work Together!!

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