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Ordained Ministry Services

Do you already have all your planning put together and now need someone to officiate the ceremony? We offer ordained ministry services! As part of our team, we have an ordained minister and an active officiant. If Neena is planning your wedding at the time, don't you worry we still have you covered! Or if you have all your planning and coordination needs taken care of and just need someone to officiate the ceremony we can assist you as well. You might ask what is the difference between an officiant and an ordained minister? Well to answer that question in the simplest form, it comes down to a religious standpoint. An ordained minister has the training and credentials obtained through the church to perform ministry services such as christenings, batapisms,funerals and weddings within and outside of a church setting. Whereas, an officiant is someone who is credentialed to lead wedding ceremonies and solely sticks to wedding services. When it comes to weddings both perform the same duties

Types of officiating services: 

  • Elopement-starting at $199

  • Weddings-starting at $300 

  • Wedding Rehearsal and Vow Management-Starting at $200

Types of ceremonies we officiate:

  • Weddings both religious and non-religious 

  • Modern 


  • Themed 

  • Commitment Ceremonies 

  • Vow Renewals 

Let's Work Together!!

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